Gujarat Reliance Desalination Plant (India)


IDE’s MED plants have been delivering high-quality water for industrial use to India’s largest oil refinery for over three decades. Following the successful cooperation,  Reliance awarded IDE with several additional  MED  plants and a large SWRO plant.

MED is the workhorse of seawater desalination in the refinery industry,  proving long-lasting robustness.

Reliance, India – “IDE’s plant has been running smoothly for over a decade with very low maintenance costs.”



  • Capacity: 134,400 m³/day
  • Technology: Thermal Desalination
  • Water Source: Seawater
  • Contract type: Engineering ,Supply, Supervision of erection, startup and commisioning
  • Location: Gujarat, India
  • Customer: Reliance Industries LTD (RIL)
  • Usage: Process water
  • Commissioning date: 1998, 2005, 2008, 2015


  • Size

    One of the largest MED sites worldwide Shortlisted by Global Water Awards 2017

  • Technology leadership

    With the highest Thermal efficiency (GOR) in the market, IDE’S MED plants offers a robust seawater desalination solution

  • Track record

    Continuous successful operation since the 1990’s

  • In 2016 IDE delivered Reliance’s first seawater reverse osmosis plant at Gujarat.

  • Inherent stability and automatic control reduces the need for labor and maintenance while maintaining high availability resulting in Simple operation with low opex.


  • Highly Commended Thermal Desalination Plant of the Year 2009 (GWI).

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