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IDE Headquarters – Israel

IDE’s headquarters in Israel was established in 1965, based on Israel’s 1st prime minister Ben Gurion’s vision to bring life to the desert using desalination technology. Given that 60% of Israel is desert land, its unique geography, limited rainfall, and growing population, the Israeli government’s declaration of water independence from the weather in 2013 is quite remarkable. As part of the Government’s 1999 decision to build large-scale seawater desalination facilities, IDE designed and built the country’s 1st large-scale facility in Ashkelon. The company subsequently built two additional plants, each the largest of its time – the Hadera and Sorek facilities, the latter of which is still the world’s largest desalination plant.

In just over a decade, Israel leads the world with over 80% of the domestic water coming from desalination plants.

The Company’s heart and soul are located in the Israel headquarters – where our R&D, Engineering, project management, and all supporting functions reside.


  • Avshalom Felber

    Avshalom Felber

    Executive Chairman

  • Amir Lang

    Amir Lang

    CEO IDE Holdings Ltd

  • Alon Tavor

    Alon Tavor

    CEO, IDE Technologies Group

  • Lihy Teuerstein

    Lihy Teuerstein

    CEO, IDE Water Assets

IDE Americas, Inc

IDE has been operating in North America since 2008 and has recently achieved notable success with the Carlsbad project, which is the largest desalination plant in the Western hemisphere. With a track record of consistent growth, IDE is committed to leading the water treatment industry in the region.

The IDE Americas team

Our team has decades of experience in all aspects of the water industry, and is well-positioned to solve water challenges of nearly any type. Led by Iris Jancik, the team has extensive knowledge of the local market, its issues, and its challenges.


  • Iris Jancik

    Iris Jancik

    CEO, IDE Americas

  • Vijay Ahire

    Vijay Ahire

    Sales Director

  • Sam Felleke

    Sam Felleke

    Director of Business Development

IDE India

From its origins as an Engineering Design Centre in October 2008, IDE India has grown rapidly to a successful IDE team. The office has Design, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Operation & Maintenance teams to efficiently support customers with various requirements.

The IDE India team

Our team has 35 years of accumulated experience and specializes in designing, constructing, and supporting desalination and water treatment plants throughout India and the region. With decades of experience in all aspects of the water industry, the team is perfectly positioned to advise on your water project needs.


  • Amit Gupta

    Amit Gupta

    Finance & Operations Director

  • Nayan Shah

    Nayan Shah

    Sales Director

  • Manoj Rawat

    Manoj Rawat

    General Manager Technical

IDE Chile

IDE has been operating in South America for over 30 years, and our recently-opened office in Chile is a further sign of the investment we are making in our customer partnerships in the region, in both desalination and industrial water treatment. The water market in the region is growing rapidly, and there are many water challenges with which IDE is well equipped to help.

The IDE Chile team

Our team in Chile has decades of experience in the Latin American market and provides timely and efficient support to all customers in the region. With a range of successful projects that have been proven for efficiency and reliability for many years, the team’s track record in the region is strong.


  • Juan Pablo Negroni

    Juan Pablo Negroni

    Country Manager

  • Abraham Carvajal

    Abraham Carvajal

    Solutions Manager


IDE is a world leader in water treatment solutions with firm, long-lasting global representatives. Thus, launching a local branch in the UAE, which is dedicated to the entire MENA region, is only natural. The opening of IDE Meyah Water Solutions in Dubai is in an effort to grow the company’s presence in the area and deliver industry-leading water treatment solutions to local industries and municipalities. The office supports IDE’s mission to provide seawater desalination plants, end-to-end water treatment solutions, and water reclamation and purification to regions in need.

The IDE UAE Team

IDE’s office in Dubai is led by a local professional with vast industry experience across water treatment and infrastructure. This local presence provides clients with ongoing service along with world-class technical expertise.


  • Mohamed Sebbane

    Mohamed Sebbane

    Region Manager