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IDE HSE Policy

IDE is committed to caring for people and the environment through the projects’ life cycle, adhering to these principles:

IDE complies with the applicable Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) laws and regulations, and operating in accordance with international HSE standards.
Health & Safety

We are committed to maintain and continually improve our Health & Safety management, encourage responsibility & proactiveness of our employees in driving injury reduction initiatives.

We are committed to provide a safe environment and promote an injury-free workplace for our employees, contractors, customers, partners, and the public. We are constantly assessing and improving our HSE programs, performance & trainings, focus on prevention & safety culture.

We strive for improving HSE performance in our projects and operations, for ourselves as well as for our key suppliers and contractors, through proactive communication, assessment of capability, safety training and set of performance expectations from contracting through execution.
Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and environmental protection enabling reduction of environmental impact, increasing energy effectiveness, minimization of consumables and potential hazards.

We power sustainability with ESG in mind and help our customers to fulfill their water needs while meeting their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy challenges and goals.