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We are a World Leader in Water Treatment Solutions


There are many uses for water in industry, all of which require treatment either before disposal or before reuse. Further,  raw water from various sources often requires treatment before entering the plant for use in its processes,  in order to meet quality specifications. 

At IDE, we have over 60 years of global experience in all aspects and stages of water treatment. Our proven technology and project expertise enable our customers to optimize water reuse and maximize their ROI, while complying with environmental regulations. We can treat the toughest wastewater and offer the highest recovery rates in the industry, transforming your industrial wastewater challenges into water assets

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Municipalities and local governments around the world have to cope with increasing populations and industrial growth, stricter regulations and an ever-decreasing supply of freshwater due to climate change. 

IDE partners with municipalities around the world to overcome these challenges in smart, efficient, eco-friendly and economical ways. Our services include everything required to design, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities and systems to address the diverse water, wastewater and biosolids treatment needs of municipalities around the world.

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The world is in need of freshwater. 97% of the water on earth is saline, with an average salinity of 3.5%; way too high for drinking, industry or agriculture. With the growing demand for freshwater, coupled with stringent drinking water quality regulations, desalination has become key to ensuring an adequate supply. IDE has pioneered the biggest desalination facilities in the world and has a proven track record of developing both membrane and thermal desalination plants that reliably and consistently hit performance targets.

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