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We strive to solve global water scarcity while protecting the environment.

A Culture of Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the foundation of IDE’s philosophy and practice. Alongside our focus on desalination plants’ operational success in terms of CAPEX and OPEX, we also evaluate their design approach and operation through the prism of their environmental impact. Years of design and operational experience have shown us that cost-effectiveness and environmental considerations can definitely go hand in hand.  


Wherever our plants are located, we ensure that they fit with our customers’ economic, environmental, and social sensibilities. In IDE’s view, this makes moral as well as business sense. 


Energy efficiency has always been a top priority for IDE, as part of our on-going efforts to decrease the power consumption of our desalination plants. We constantly evaluate, analyze and work to improve our plants’ operation, not only in terms of the amount and cost of energy they require but also in terms of the source of energy, as we pursue the utilization of green energy sources.

A Track Record of Environmental Solutions

At IDE our commitment to sustainability is powered by ongoing research, development, and an innovative approach. Our environmental solutions are the building blocks of our many successful projects around the world.

Minimizing Carbon Footprint

IDE is committed to reducing its plants’ carbon footprint by lowering energy consumption, reducing the use of chemicals in the desalination processes, and minimizing the need for transportation of chemicals and consumables. Through continual and innovative “green-thinking”, IDE has managed to develop innovative solutions for the use of green fuels. Western Galilee SWRO desalination plant,  a tender which IDE has recently won, will use solar energy for a significant part of its energy needs. Another example is IDE’s Sorek 2 desalination plant which utilizes IDE’s patented steam-direct solution for the operation of SWRO plants. This state-of-the-art approach provides the ability to operate the SWRO plant unit ‘Green Steam’, which is generated from green fuels.

Carbon Capturing Solutions

As part of our commitment to reducing the desalination plants’ carbon footprint, we also aim to “recycle” CO2 by capturing it from the plant’s internal processes.  For example, in Sorek 2, IDE’s flagship SWRO desalination facility, we implementedcarbon capture solution. Using this technology, CO2 emitted from the plant’s power plant is captured and utilized for post-treatment at the desalination plant.

Self Production of Chemicals

As part of its environmental strategy, IDE aims to make its desalination plants self-sustaining in terms of chemical use.  In Sorek 2, one of our largest desalination facilities, hypochlorite is locally produced for self-use, thereby eliminating the need to transport it. As part of its ocean mining vision, IDE invests in R&D to create chemicals from sea water that are utilized for the desalination process throughout desalination plants, thus significantly improving the plant’s sustainability or providing plant owners an additional source of income through the sale of chemicals.

Minimizing the Use of Consumables

IDE’s operational excellence significantly extends the RO membranes’ lifespan. This means less membranes end up in landfills as an inert plastic solid waste.  For example, in the Hadera SWRO plant, operating for over 13 years, less than 25% of the membranes have been replaced since its inception (as opposed to an industry average of full replacement every eight years).

Re-Use of Waste Heat and Low-Grade Steam

IDE’s MED thermal desalination units utilize waste heat and/or low-grade steam from other industrial processes. Additionally, IDE is the industry leader in the efficiency of thermal desalination plants, setting record highs for the amount of water that can be produced using waste heat.

Chloramine-Free Water Reuse for Municipal Wastewater

IDE’s Eco-Reuse proprietary technology is a special process for producing high-quality potable water without using chloramine and significantly increasing the intervals between cleaning (CIP). This innovative solution also increases the system recovery while preventing the development of hazardous disinfection by products (such as NDMA).

Optimizing Water Recovery in Industrial Water Treatment

IDE’s proprietary MAXH2O product line minimizes the brine and industrial effluent volume generated by industrial facilities and maximizes water reuse by achieving the industry’s highest recovery rates, of up to 98%.

Striving for a Sustainable Impact

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