IDE provides water and wastewater treatment solutions for power plants, helping increase their productivity and meet tightening environmental standards

The power industry is a major consumer of water due to its substantial need for both cooling and process water in power plants. As technology advances, many power companies seek new technologies and strategies to reduce dependency on limited freshwater resources and water use for power generation.

The need for low environmental impact, strict regulations, and high discharge costs requires power plants to address their wastewater discharges and water management to ensure a sustainable power supply.

There are three main water streams in a power plant which all need treatment before and after their usage:

  1. Boiler feedwater –used for steam generation that drives the turbines. It must be high-purity water with no contaminants.
  2. Cooling water – used to cool the steam. It can be fresh, surface, or desalinated water.
  3. Cooling water Blowdown – must be removed from the cooling system to prevent it from becoming too concentrated with contaminants. 

IDE Delivers Reliable, Economical and Sustainable Solutions to the Power Industry

IDE provides advanced and complete solutions based on robust and proven technologies; SWRO, and thermal desalination solutions. These end-to-end solutions meet the high availability requirements for mission-critical systems, delivering high-quality water at reduced operational costs, while adhering to the stringent environmental regulations, including waste discharge. 

IDE’s Solutions for Cooling Tower Blowdown Treatment

IDE’s end-to-end, integrated cooling tower blowdown water treatment solutions include high-recovery Reverse Osmosis solutions that reduce reject volumes, and complete thermal ZLD solutions. These maximize the overall recovery and minimize the volume for disposal.  Learn how IDE’s CTBD water treatment technology can help your plant maximize recovery, minimize operational costs and comply with the strictest regulatory requirements.

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In the power industry, there are three main streams that require treatment:

Boiler feed/makeup, cooling tower makeup, and cooling tower blowdown.

Learn how to manage them effectively and efficiently > Read the Blog


IDE enables power plants to effectively reuse their blowdown stream using two types of technology: 

MAXH2O Desalter a state-of-the-art RO solution that uses an integrated salt precipitation cycle for high-recovery applications. Learn more

Pulse Flow RO Technology which revolutionizes the conventional RO desalination process by moving from a continuous flow to a pulse flow. Learn more

Together, these technologies have enabled multiple power stations around the world to reduce their ongoing wastewater costs while further reducing their impact on the environment.



Case Study: The Tutuka power station

The Tutuka power station is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for cooling water blowdown reduction that achieves 90% water recovery and significantly reduced effluent water disposal and environmental impact. Learn more

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