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IDE Water Assets - Your partner of choice for any water project

Our Private-Public Partnership Offering

  • Greenfield Development

    IDE Water Assets is a water and wastewater project development company. Using the water expertise of IDE Water Technologies, we identify, develop, design, finance, own, and operate large water infrastructure projects worldwide. We develop new water facilities, including financing and operating large-scale water and wastewater infrastructure projects under PPP schemes, as well as other Water-Sale schemes. We work with partners around the globe in developing the projects of the future and welcome new opportunities and challenges.

  • Water Sales

    A partnership approach at the forefront of our activities allows efficient risk allocation and the delivery of the most advanced, robust, and most importantly, cost-effective outcome to the offtaker, in the shortest possible time and throughout the project lifecycle. IDE Water Assets uses a public-private approach to water project development, offering a wide variety of solutions with varied stakeholding, control and risk allocation.

  • P3 to P4

    IDE has pioneered the P4 model – The Public-Private-People Partnership – one that views the employees, the local community and the environment as part of our project. The P4 approach provides a clear framework for assigning roles and responsibilities to those best able to manage various project risks. As the overall project development partner, IDE plays a lead role in identifying and optimizing the allocation of risk amongst all parties.

  • Financing

    With a proven track record executing large-scale complex projects and  bringing these to successful completion, we have the trust of global financial institutions and lenders for our projects around the world. Together, we secure the project from A to Z.

  • Operation & Maintenance

    IDE has a long track record of successful operation and maintenance management of desalination and water treatment plants around the world. Operation is effectively managed by qualified and experienced personnel, in compliance with local standards and regulations, assuring health and safety of the employees. Parts of the O&M can also be provided in addition to Water Sale as Long term Operation and Maintenance services, Periodic site Inspection, Remote Plant Operation Supervision Services and Preparation and Implementation of Maintenance Plans.


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