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What is ZLD?

Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is a term that refers to a water treatment process in which wastewater undergoes purification and recycling resulting with solid discharge only; meaning no liquid effluent is released to the environment or other receiving bodies (e.g. Sewer, injection well). ZLD treatment is considered where wastewater, brine or effluent discharge alternatives are unavailable , when wastewater is prohibitively costly, or there is a pressing need for freshwater recovery.


What is the difference between MLD and ZLD?

MLD (Minimal Liquid Discharge) and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) are two comprehensive wastewater treatment approaches with different levels of discharge and environmental impact:

In MLD, the wastewater treatment process aims to minimize liquid discharge as much as possible, but it does not eliminate all liquid discharge. MLD systems focus on reducing the volume of wastewater through various treatment methods, which can include physical, chemical, and biological processes.  MLD systems are often implemented when achieving zero liquid discharge is not technically feasible or economically viable for a particular industrial process or facility.

In ZLD systems, the focus is on eliminating any liquid discharge and reusing as much water as possible from the wastewater stream, leaving behind only solid waste for disposal. ZLD typically involves multiple stages of treatment, similar to the MLD approach,  but also includes thermal treatment stages such as evaporation, crystallization, and drying, to achieve the goal of zero liquid discharge.  ZLD is implemented when strict environmental regulations, water scarcity concerns, or sustainability goals require the complete elimination of liquid discharge.

Our ZLD technology solution

IDE offers a comprehensive Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solution that incorporates cutting-edge technologies like MaxH2O Desalter and PFRO, in addition to conventional treatment methods. Our ZLD expertise is backed by our proprietary in-house solutions and seamless integration with technology partners, ensuring the delivery of a holistic and fully functional system.


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