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IDE provides high-performance, cost-effective solutions for the water cycle in a fabrication facility, including wastewater, cooling water blowdown treatment, recycling, and reuse



Semiconductor fabs face unique challenges concerning the management and treatment of water. The production process demands ultra-pure water to prevent defects and maintain optimal chip and processor functionality.  Compliance with stringent water quality standards and regulations is essential and to top that off, access to external water resources is diminishing, leading to increased water expenses.


IDE’s Advanced Water Treatment Solutions Allows Fabs to:

  • Produce clean water & remove impurities.
  • Treat and reuse their waste water effectively.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Minimize environmental impact and meet sustainability goals.

IDE Enables Fabs To Maximize The Potential of Their Wastewater and Minimize Discharge Costs Using Two Complementary Technologies:


  • MAX H2O Desalter –  a state-of-the-art RO technology that uses an integrated salt precipitation cycle for high-recovery applications.
  • Pulse Flow RO (PFRO) Technology  – revolutionizes the conventional RO desalination process by moving from a continuous flow to a pulse flow. 


These disruptive technologies achieve high water recovery rates at neutral pH while minimizing complexity and chemical usage compared to traditional water treatment methods like the HERO (High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) process. 

Learn how IDE’s PFRO solution for brine minimization increased the overall recovery of this semiconductor fab to 88%.


Powering Effective ZLD with MAX H2O Desalter

Many semiconductor manufacturers are transitioning to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and thermal desalination for higher water recovery rates and no liquid discharge. The desalter process, with its silica removal capability, addresses a common challenge in semiconductor water treatment. By eliminating silica during treatment, it reduces scaling risks in the crystallizer, offering enhanced efficiency and performance.


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Our PFAS Removal Solutions

The EPA has recently confirmed a new PFAS roadmap which establishes legally binding maximum contaminant levels to protect against these persistent “forever chemicals” in drinking water. The regulations currently only apply to municipalities, but industries reliant on PFAS compounds may face heightened scrutiny and regulatory pressures in the near future.  At IDE we offer a complete range of PFAS removal solutions for treating municipal and industrial wastewater prior to discharge. 


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IDE water treatment solutions can help your fab tackle its water challenges effectively to reduce costs, minimize environmental impact, and reduce regulatory risks.

IDE Delivers High Performance Cost-Effective Water Solutions For Microelectronics Semiconductor Facilities

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