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Our mission is to provide reliable, economical and sustainable solutions to the energy & petrochemical industries

Refineries are among the largest consumers of water due to cooling towers and process usage. During the treatment and refining of crude oil, large quantities of wastewater are generated. These wastewater streams are typically treated for oils, greases, volatile organic compounds, phenols and heavy metals among other contaminants. As environmental regulations for wastewater disposal are getting stricter, and freshwater resources are becoming increasingly limited, the industry requires more efficient management and reuse of this wastewater.
IDE provides energy and petrochemical companies with specialized wastewater treatment solutions and process optimization services.

Offering Unique Benefits to our Partners

  • End-to-end solutions that are fully customizable to a variety of water sources and customer requirements.
  • High recovery of wastewater for reuse onsite, reducing fresh water intake and meeting strict regulatory requirements
  • Advanced and cost-effective membrane and thermal technology for reduction of waste volume and ZLD
  • Modular units, reducing on-site installation time and cost
  • Lower energy consumption, reducing operational costs

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