Ashkelon Desalination Plant (Israel)


When completed, the Ashkelon desalination plant was one of the world’s largest and most advanced  membrane-based desalination plants.  With a huge capacity and extremely high efficiency levels, the Ashkelon desalination plant achieved one of the world’s lowest-ever prices for desalinated water. In 2010, due to the unmatched success of the plant, it was expanded by nearly 20%, providing potable water for roughly 15% of Israel’s daily consumption.

The Ashkelon plant proved IDE to be the leader of mega-sized SWRO desalination projects.

  • Capacity: 396,000 m³/day
  • Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Water Source: Sea Water
  • Contract Type: BOT for 25 years
  • Location: Ashkelon, Israel
  • Customer: Israel Water Authority
  • Financial Arranger: Bank Leumi
  • Usage: Potable Water
  • Commissioning date: 2005


  • Cost leadership

    Set a new benchmark for the lowest cost of desalinated water.

  • Technological leadership

    Revolutionary design of a unique Pressure Center arrangement for the RO stage. for increased efficiency and significantly reduced water costs.


    The largest installation of an isobaric chamber  DWEER (Dual Work Exchanger Energy Recovery)


    A unique, patented membrane-based proprietary  Boron Removal System

  • Global recognition

    Won GWI’s “Desalination Plant of The Year” award in 2006.


  • Desalination Plant of the Year 2006, Global Water Intelligence (GWI).

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