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IDE Technologies Shortlisted as 2024 Global Water Awards’ Water Company of the Year and Net Zero Carbon Champion

Published: 29/02/24

Kadima, Israel – FEBRUARY 29, 2024 – IDE Technologies, a leading global provider of water treatment solutions, announces it has been shortlisted for Water Company of the Year and Net Zero Carbon Champion for the prestigious 2024 Global Water Awards. IDE is recognized for its contributions as a global project developer, innovator and operator of municipal and industrial desalination, water treatment and water reuse plants and its mission to ensure clean, high-quality water access for all.


As a Water Company of the Year nominee, the Global Water Awards highlight IDE moving beyond being a leading sweater desalination plants developer to executing water treatment and reuse contracts for industrial companies and municipalities in the US, Chile, India and Mexico – all while minimizing lifecycle costs and treatment carbon footprints. The company’s expertise has considerably contributed to solving global water challenges, positioning IDE at the “forefront of the adaptation paradigm.”


As a Net Zero Carbon Champion nominee, IDE is leading the charge in decarbonizing desalination and changing the way the desalination industry frames its carbon footprint. IDE’s approach of promoting LCA for measuring and quantifying the carbon footprint of desalination is key for defining the industry benchmark for sustainable desalination and paves the way for net-zero desalination. In its latest flagship desalination plant, the Sorek II, IDE managed to minimize the plant’s carbon footprint by more than 30% while achieving one of the lowest water prices in the industry – proving that cost-effective desalination and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. The Sorek II, the first ever steam-driven SWRO plant, defines a new benchmark for desalination efficiency and, together with carbon-capture and utilization, presents a new standard for sustainable desalination. Employing high-pressure pumps driven by steam rather than electricity eliminates energy losses and allows for the most efficient conversion of energy from fuel to pressure. This, and IDE’s efforts to decrease the impact of chemicals within its plants, make the company a solid contender in this category.


“We are thrilled beyond measure to again be recognized as nominees by the Global Water Awards and be able to showcase the amazing work our team produces each day,” said Nilly Maik, global marketing director, IDE Technologies. “We are blazing a sustainable, innovative trail in water treatment technology and solutions, alongside our fellow nominees, collectively working to protect and preserve our planet’s most valuable resource: water.”


Voting is open through March 28, 2024, for Global Water Summit ticket holders and GWI publication subscribers. The winners of each category will be announced at the Global Water Awards ceremony on April 16, 2024, in London.