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IDE Technologies and Chem Process Systems are Partnering

Published: 25/06/20

IDE Technologies and Chem Process Systems Private Limited (Chem Process) have recently announced their partnership.

Kadima, Israel – Ahmedabad, Gujarat India : June 15th, 2020 – IDE Technologies, a world leader in desalination and advanced water treatment solutions, and Chem Process Systems Private Limited (Chem Process), a leading Indian company specializing in heat transfer, evaporation and crystallization solutions, have recently announced their partnership. “Chem Process offer an array of customised solutions for chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil refinery and power generation Industries”, explains Mr. Jayesh Parikh, Managing Director at Chem Process. “With a widespread global representative network, our company has emerged as a market leader offering exceptional solutions in the technically challenging field.”

The Partnership between the two leading companies will be highly beneficial for both, as IDE’s wide array of low-to-medium salinity desalination and water treatment solutions will be complemented by Chem Process’ crystallizers, to provide customers’ end-to-end zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions. Additionally, Chem Process will be able to utilize IDE’s state-of-the-art centrifugal compressors in their evaporators, which are already serving the water treatment industry for over five decades, expanding Chem Process’ portfolio for IWT and the small-to-medium size thermal seawater desalination market.

Thanks to IDE’s International and long-standing experience across industries, this partnership will allow Chem Process to extend its global presence outside the Indian market, and allow IDE to offer its clients an even more comprehensive IWT solution. Combining IDE’s membrane and thermal technologies with Chem Process’s wide portfolio of evaporators and crystallizers, a joint solution will undoubtedly address the full water treatment needs of all industrial clients that require MLD treatment or up to zero liquid discharge water treatment – in a competitive and creative manner.

“This highly strategic partnership will solidify IDE’s already strong presence in India, allow the company to continue to actively expand its activities in the Indian market, and nurture our strong and fruitful collaborations with local businesses, partners and communities”, says Mr. Michael P. Tramer, VP Sales & Marketing at IDE. “We’re keen on addressing the growing water challenges in India, and are committed to enabling the Indian industries to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, while enabling the local governments to meet their water demand in full.”

“We have always led all of our business activities with a partnership-first approach, to ensure our best-of-breed technology is represented by the flexible business models”, explains Mr. Nayan Shah, Sales Director at IDE India. “Our core competency is designing, constructing and operating large-scale water treatment plants that are built to last. Thanks to our exciting new partnership with Chem Process, we now look forward to facilitate and realize even more successful projects in India, and continue our journey of bringing safe, clean water wherever needed”.

About IDE Technologies

A world leader provider of desalination and water treatment solutions, IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of some of the world’s largest and most advanced thermal and membrane desalination facilities and industrial water treatment plants. IDE partners with a wide range of customers – municipalities, oil & gas, mining, refineries and power plants – on all aspects of water projects, and delivers approximately 3 million m3/day of high-quality water worldwide.

For more information, visit ide-tech.com.

About Chem Process

Chem Process Systems is a market leader in custom design and innovative process solutions providing state of the art evaporation and crystallization plants to its clients across the country. With over 1000 projects completed, Chem Process has established itself as a market leader in the industry while adhering top notch quality assurance. It is the largest growing engineering company in its region, with a world class manufacturing facility spread across 12 acres, while maintaining a strict zero debt policy. Chem Process Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of various process technologies based on reaction engineering, vacuum, heat transfer, evaporation and crystallization equipment with their own dedicated research and development team.  Chem Process Systems’ young and talented team works tirelessly to yield sustainable custom process solutions to all its clients worldwide.

The coming together of two market leaders IDE Technologies & Chem Process Systems, will ensure innovative custom process solutions backed with excellent engineering.

For more information, visit www.chemprosys.com