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Expanding the Boundaries of Mine Impacted Water Treatment

Matan Alper | Former Product Manager & Industrial Water Treatment specialist | June 2, 2020 | mining

IDE Technologies’ MAXH2O Desalter for Mining

As water scarcity continues to grow more severe and environmental water treatment regulations are in flux, it’s critical for the mining industry to implement technologies that will reduce operational cost of water treatments and meet the required environmental targets.

One of the most common, and difficult, challenges of mining water treatment is related to the treatment of sulfate-rich mining water and acid mine drainage, which is facing tightening regulation. The industry is required to reduce sulphate concentration below 1000 mg/L, and in most locations even below 500 mg/L, all while maintaining efficiently and high recovery. However, existing technologies used by the mining industry to accomplish this can entail high operating costs, and can also have detrimental effects such as scaling and biofouling of RO membranes. To overcome these challenges and expand the current limits of mine impacted water treatment, the industry is seeking alternative technologies. For example, the MAXH2O Desalter Solution is a single stage reverse osmosis (RO) technology with an integrated salt precipitation unit that solves the challenges and disadvantages of existing technologies.

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With its ability to operate at a very high recovery rate without compromising membrane service life, it’s an optimal mine impacted water treatment solution to meet business, operational, regulatory and environmental requirements. MAXH2O Desalter can benefit diverse mining applications, can be installed as a standalone system or connect to an existing plant (such as an HDS facility) as a tail unit on the HDS effluent stream. This maximizes plant production, minimizes effluent discharge, brings down operational expenditures and enables full compliance with environmental regulation.

Matan Alper
Matan Alper | Former Product Manager & Industrial Water Treatment specialist

Matan holds a B.Sc. in chemical engineering (summa cum laude) from the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology – and an MBA from Tel Aviv University, where he specialized in strategy and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining IDE, Matan was an R&D engineer and project development manager at Tortech Nano Fibers, and a process engineer & deputy production manager at Dor Chemicals. Currently, Matan is spear-heading the product management of IDE’s MAXH2O patent pending technologies for industrial water treatment applications at IDE.

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