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IDE Water Technologies exhibirá y presentará en la Conferencia de Tecnología de Membranas 2022

Gerente | Publicado: 24/04/22

Nuestro equipo de expertos de IDE está emocionado de viajar a Aruba y participar en la Conferencia CaribDA de este año, compartiendo conocimientos y experiencia clave de la industria en torno a las tecnologías de gestión de salmuera y desalinización!


IDE Water Technologies is nearing completion on a project with an industrial semiconductor manufacturer to design and build IDE’s Pulse Flow RO (PRFO) system for brine minimization at the customer’s industrial wastewater treatment facility. The PFRO system will operate at a recovery rate of 54% and will increase the overall facility recovery to 88%.

The MBR effluent contains considerable amounts of organic matter and minerals, creating a severe risk of scaling and fouling. IDE’s PFRO technology overcomes the challenges of conventional RO operation by discharging brine in a pulse flow regime through short, high velocity surges. The frequently and rapidly changing osmotic and hydraulic conditions reduce biofouling and scaling tendency allowing to push the recovery of the RO to new heights. Additionally, PFRO simplifies the preventive maintenance approach, which increases the time between CIPs and prolongs the life duration of the membranes.

Semiconductor manufacturers are in constant need to use and reuse water efficiently throughout their operations. IDE’s PFRO high recovery technology enables the organization to maximize the potential of their dedicated wastewater and treatment recovery facility and minimize discharge costs. This technology will support the company’s commitment to efficient water management through a combination of reuse and recycling. Are you in need of a brine management solution? We’d love to partner with you! Please explore our website or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more on IDE’s comprehensive water solutions.